Corona Virus Alert

A Summary of Preventive Measures

Jul 19, 2020

What is Novel Coronavirus?

It is a new form of human coronavirus infection that is connected with respiratory illness and characterized by fever (high body temperature), cough, breathing difficulties, sore throat, or runny nose. Severe forms of the illness may cause pneumonia, kidney failure, and death.

How are coronaviruses spread?

Human coronaviruses are spread through;

  1. Close or physical unprotected contacts with an infected person via touching, hugging, or shaking of hands etc.
  2. Close or physical unprotected contacts with an infected animal via touching etc.
  3. Close or physical unprotected contacts with infected surfaces.

How can you protect yourself from coronavirus infection?

  1. Wash hands frequently with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of used tissue immediately
  3. Avoid touching of eyes, mouth, or nose with unwashed hands.
  4. Be physically active, eat well, drink plenty of fluids, reduce stress, and have enough sleep.
  5. Keep a distance of at least one (1) meter from a person showing signs of fever, cough, or difficulty in breathing.
  6. Stay home when sick and seek immediate medical help if the infection is suspected.
  7. As much as it depends on you avoid going to overcrowded places.
Source: WHO, UNICEF, Ministry of Health, Republic of Ghana